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Studio works by Leo Pettersson

No title. From Open Studios at Cite´des Arts, Paris 2014

My work here is about color. Color in all shapes interact with the absorbing or reflecting white, the monochrome and the black. All with no priorities or valuation but as an organic to geometrical metamorphosis slides it into our society.

Do we all have a deep desire of color in our genes? Based on the same grounds as music is born out of the rhythm in the sound of our mothers heartbeats, long time ago.

Color is light and with light we have the opportunity to discover the world. Fundamentally originated from the sunlight, we also are as living beings,humans, animals, plants and other organisms. All in different forms and shapes have developed our skills to discern and deduce this from and to organic or versus the more geometrical types.

Through water in small drops and as reflecting materia have the sun under time given us a spectra of performances as in sunrises, sunsets, rainbows, auroras, mirage, moonlights etc. All have the impact of generating energies, stimulating creativity and new solutions.

Two slightly contrasting colors can cause some similarity movement in their vibrations with each other. In fact have the monochrome the ability to create the opposite color by itself through our eyes and we can blend colors optical. This does the color, both physical and optical, to a generator of movement.

All this is well known in theory. Evidence is made in a lot of practical experiment but still is a lot of experts unsure if the physical environment have any impact for us as human beings.

The massive cheep constructions of dormitory suburbs since the 60-ties is by many people no evidence for the alienation in our society. For some others they stand out as our biggest monuments of inanity and greedy and some take it as a social experience and think they are really cool in their decay.

Still have a lot of, foremost young people but also represented by middle-aged and older, visions. Visions of new living, new social reforms, new society with new possibilities for all people of all sorts and in all regions. Some of the nutrition in this energy comes from the rhythm in all kind of music witch is connected here and a multiply of artists. Some utopias, some flum, many dreams and some reality but this is the grow ground where new possibilities will grow up and; who will have a judgement and be the judge to sort out the best plants in this stage?

What kind of opportunities does this impact of artistic movement have in our society to change the rules?!
Could a cloud of horizontal, colored stripes start a movement of vibrations and interact with your inner thoughts in the similar way as sounds, rhythm and music have the ability to do and there the outcomes will surprise you in such a way that you ask yourself; where does the music comes from?

The potential in this kind of activators is also well known since thousands of year in almost all cultures. Some call it placebo, some call it spirit and some does not need any answer or explanation of an artwork besides that they feel it ́s obviously clear. That is perhaps some of the magic in art.

Paris 25-02-14 Leo Pettersson